VPN Error Code

VPN Error 619: The port was disconnected

Error 619: 1. The port was disconnected (or Error 645, Dial-Up Networking could not complete the connection to the server and Error 930, The authentication server did not respond to authentication requests in a timely fashion. The Event Viewer shows: Event id: 20073, Description: The following error occurred in the Point to Point Protocol module on port: port number, UserName: user name. The authentication server did not respond to authentication requests in a timely fashion). When using VPN to access a remote network, W2K clients mat get above errors but not win9x and ME clients. This issue occurs because the VPN server hasn't registered in Active Directory.

2.You get this message when connecting via cable modems, dial up DOESN'T have any issues.

Resolution: 1) This problem most likely is secure issue such as unsecured password. So, check the settings.
2) It could be the hardware issue. Try to re-setup the device or download the new driver or just reset the devices such as modem and router.
3) Reapply the service pack
4) If the RRAS is in a domain network, add the VPN to the appropriate group. To do this, go to Active Directory Users and Computers>domain name>Users, double-click the RAS and IAS Servers security group. Select the members and add the VPN server to this group. 2) Type netsh ras add registeredserver at a command prompt (registeredserver is vpn server name), and then press ENTER.

Receiving VPN error 619 while connecting to a VPN via SBC

Resolution: Uninstall the self support tool form SBC and refresh the settings of your VPN

Check also these items in this order:

1.Your personal firewall. It must be configured to allow a pptp vpn connection from your computer. A pptp connection requires port 1723 and support for the TCP/IP GRE protocol (protocol # 47).

2.Your personal router (if you are at home). It needs to be configured to support pptp vpn pass through. It is usually under the advanced tab when you log into your router/firewall appliance. Some older models will need to have a newer version of the firmware installed. You can download this from the vendor's websites.

3.The network you are on may actively block a pptp vpn by policy. Some networks may have old routers that do not support GRE. If you do not own these networks the only thing you can do is talk to tech support.

4. If all else fails and you are running windows, delete and recreate the vpn definition. Windows will corrupt the registry from time to time.

5. If you are at home and it just stops working turn off your router for about 10 minutes. Your router gets portscanned all the time. Some of the scans can knock the little routers for a loop. They will still pass some traffic, but not all types of traffic. Also, the DSL network elements have bugs too. Turning off and back on has solved four "could not connect" problems this year.

This should help solve most of the error 619 mysteries.